Our solutions-oriented approach

Mann Partners applies a rigorous, targeted approach to solving our client’s biggest business challenges. 

Rapid Discovery & Assessment

Knowing the knowable sooner and with greater certainty

  • Pre- and Post-Close Organization and Team Assessment
  • Leadership and Talent Assessment
  • Board Effectiveness Assessment

Strategy & Goals Development & Alignment

Defining strategic priorities and ensuring alignment with performance goals

  • Goals and Strategy Definition
  • C-Suite and Sponsor Alignment
  • Executive Compensation and Incentives Alignment

Organization Strategy & Design

Aligning the organization and people with strategic and performance objectives

  • Board Governance Structure and Effectiveness
  • CEO Scorecard and Succession Planning
  • Executive Team Role Design and Leadership Development
  • Operating Model and Organization Design

Change Execution & Results Measurement & Improvement

Moving fast, measuring progress, and learning and improving constantly

  • Leadership and Culture Plan
  • Board Governance Implementation Plan
  • Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Measures and Management Systems

Our customized playbooks

We partner closely with our clients to develop and implement customized playbooks to build their unique capabilities and drive value across their company and their portfolio.

Playbook Human Capital

Human capital capabilities

Prepares you to align the organization and team to execute on your value creation strategy and plan throughout the investment lifecycle.

Operating model design

Guides you through designing your governance, roles and responsibilities, and decision rights to increase your portfolio companies’ performance.

Playbook Value Creation

Value creation strategy

Helps you develop 8 key elements of your business that drive revenue, profit, and shareholder value.

To learn more about customized playbooks please reach out to us.