Charles Weiss

Charles WeissSenior Advisor & Consultant

Charles Weiss has extensive experience as an executive and consultant to Fortune 1,000 companies. He specializes in business strategy, sales & marketing, business structure & operating models and organization design.

CSC | Sr. Partner, Business Strategy Practice, Sr. Partner, Global Client Relationships and Advisory Board Chairman
Charles joined CSC’s $500 million consulting group and served in various leadership roles.

Weston Group | Co-founder
Built a strategy consultancy serving Fortune 1,000 Boards and CEO’s and sold it to Computer Sciences Corporation.

GE, Pepsico, Unilver, Toyota, Warner Lambert, Kraft Foods, Hershey Foods, At&T, Dow Chemical, Colgate Palmolive & Sharp Electronis | Management Consultant
Chuck advised global companies on strategy,  sales and marekting, and organization design and transformation.

Richardson-Vicks (Procter & Gamble acquired) Alberto Culver (Unilever acquired) and RJR Nabisco | Marketing and General Management
Chuck held various marketing and general management roles